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Fierce in Seattle: Love Me, Love My City!

Flat Stanley f**king loves Seattle and you should too!

Flat Stanley f**king loves Seattle and you should too!

I’m super dooper excited to announce that I am starting my own blog! While I will continue to be a contributor to this here outstanding Fierce and Nerdy site, I am dedicating myself to a journal of mad, crazy love for Seattle. While writing for FaN I have discovered that I enjoy the process of telling a story, sharing an opinion or just spewing forth my brain diarrhea.

A naturally expressive individual, an over-sharer at times, I can’t contain my exuberance for stuff I like. While I often prefer to keep my favorite things close to the vest for fear that I will be forced to tell of the greatest dive bar, most muy delicioso taco truck, or richest and sprinkliest cupcake, here I am giving away all my secrets. It usually seems these places that get discovered will then incur an hour wait for something as small or fabulous as a donut. For those of you in LA, think Pinkberry 2006. The security officer at the door to control the line….in WeHo.

I put my petty grievances about mass appeal aside and will impart my diligent research and scientific findings on what is sure to be a small, but mighty, readership. A friend asked the other day “what is the point of blogging?” And I said, “good question!” It made me wonder why I desire to do such a thing. Sure, it’s part narcissistic, but in this day of social networking sites and sharing everything about ourselves it seems we all have a lot of self-love. So, in continuing that embrace, it’s all about what I like, but how I hope you like it too.

Without further ado, here is God I Love This Fucking City!