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Fierce in Seattle: Possiblitarian


a blogumn by Kelli Bielema

kellyraerobertsbookPeople come into your life for a reason. They are either there to teach you how to do stuff, about what not to do in life or they open you up to new possibilities.  Let me introduce you to someone who recently floated  into my world, Kelly Rae Roberts.  Kelly describes herself as an “author, artist, possibiltarian.” I’ll  start by admitting that I adore cute new words and those who vocabularize as such. And that’s not the only reason to generate an immediate talent crush on Kelly Rae.

Kelly moved to Seattle with her husband John almost 6 months ago.  Her sister-in-law and I are friends.  As I’ve mentioned ad nauseum, it’s hard to meet people here, so when new blood is in town, I am always eager to say hello and welcome them in the spirit of tarnishing that anti-social rep Seattle has.

A few years back, with a career in social work, Ms. Kelly found her true passion as an artist when she and her husband quit their jobs and packed up the Subaru for a road trip. It was on this adventure she was inspired by the work she saw at galleries in the California seaside towns along their route.  She hadn’t really done any painting before, but decided to not let her lack of experience keep her from something she describes as “an awakening.”   She picked up a brush.

After taking a few stabs and creating some “truly amateur”  scrapbook-crafty projects, Kelly realized the process was really making her happy, even if the end result looked a little crappy.  She decided to blog about her day-to-day experimentations , developing her writing talents in tandem with her creations.  Continuing to receive encouragement from friends, and getting her name out in the world, an editor came upon her works and asked her to write a book. She authored Taking Flight: Inspiration and Technique to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings, which is part instruction, mostly inspiration, and now, the first printing is sold out! After that came a licensing deal for some of her art to be produced in mass prints.  Have I mentioned this all happened in a matter of a couple years?  It’s stories like this that just go to show you that anything really IS possible when you find your passion.

And yes, it goes without saying that I completely want to be her when I grow up. Her home looks like Anthropologie, as does her organized studio.  And did I leave out the part where I mention that she is incredibly kind, light-hearted and warm? Let’s not forget ridiculously gifted.  Oh, and her husband is a sweetheart and I want to steal her dog.  But, aside from envy and theft, what I recognize in Kelly is Kelli. I’ve noticed what I like about her is what I want more of in my life. And I think I am getting there. Possibly….


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