Fierce in Seattle: Sweet lovin’ [BEST OF FaN]

I love to show people how just organizing a simple charity activity can bring wealth to not only the organization, but to the participants & the recipients!

Originally published on Valentine’s Day

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and no, I am not going to inundate you with romance, gift ideas and other fluffy notions that probably won’t live up to your expectations, much like the day itself. Sure, I celebrate it. Even when I was single I enjoyed giving treats to my pals as I enjoyed the nostalgic aspect of it from my childhood. I decided to give in and enjoy it, regardless of the commercial aspects of it. We’re in America, for crying out loud. Consumerism is the way, like it or not. And now more than ever, I need to do my part to keep the economy on an upswing, right? Well, I have taken that concept and exploded it by also giving back.

For the third year in a row, I have rallied a group of my fellow employees (we call ourselves Peeps for Pets) and created a CandyGram campaign for the big February 14th day. Bags of candy and conversation heart cookies are wrapped & tagged and delivered in the office to the delight of our staff. This year’s success equaled the previous two with about $1000 raised for the Seattle Humane Society. It’s not just about candy, it’s not just about Valentine’s Day, it’s not just about giving back to the community… it really has given a boost to morale, especially in these uncertain times. One thing that is certain, I still have faith in people and their philanthropic hearts.

What are you doing to show your love today?

featured image credit: Beverly & Pack