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Fierce OR Nerdy: Madonna v. Madonna

Last week, Aliens faced off against Ghosts. And, perhaps surprisingly, Ghosts won. Those are my favorite polls, because we don’t actually know why Ghosts won. Was it because people think Ghosts are more likely to exist? Or because they’re eerier? Or sexier? Who knows. Truth is, in any poll, you never know the voter’s reasoning behind their choice. By muddying the poll itself, the process becomes even more abstracted, and in my opinion, more interesting. But this week, I have a specific survey for you…

If Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, Madonna is, of course, the Queen. Although, she’d probably prefer you called her “The Blessed Mother.” Since the beginning of her career, she’s sparked many controversies with the Roman Catholic Church. First, there was her choice of stage-name, then 1984’s scandalous “Like a Virgin,” followed up by “Like a Prayer,” and a few years ago, her Confessions Tour nearly caused a holy war when, during the finale, she crucified herself. Oh, and it’s debatable whether she chose her most recent boyfriend, a 22-year old Brazilian Kabbalist, solely for his name: Jesus. (I think it was more than his name.)

Perhaps you haven’t heard about Madonna’s latest blasphemy. Her Warsaw concert date is set for August 15th — which happens to be The Feast of Assumption of the Blessed Mary, one of the holiest of Catholic holidays celebrating the “real” Madonna. Some Poles are irate, and one protest leader called the concert “an attack of the devil on our untouched Catholic nation and the Catholic tradition of Poles.” But it’s unclear whether Madonna (or her managers) irreverently picked that date in order to benefit from the controversy, or whether the religious protesters are just milking this opportunity for publicity. Or perhaps both.

In one corner of the ring, we have Madonna, with seven Grammys and 12 multi-platinum albums under her belt. In the other corner, we have Madonna, with a following of over 1.1 billion Catholics. Let the fight begin.

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