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Fierce OR Nerdy: Means to an End

Last week, Madonna (Mother of Lourdes) beat out Madonna (Mother of God) by a couple of votes. When I created the poll, I was convinced that Mother of God would sweep, simply because I thought people were kinda over Madonna, Mother of Pop — but it seems she’s still getting respect. And if you compare the two Madonnas and what they accomplished during their lifetimes, well, you can’t deny that Madonna Ciccone has worked her ass off to become who she is. All the Virgin Mary did was give birth to and raise a God  — and really, how hard could that be? It’s not like Jesus went through terrible twos (or did he?). Although, if the whole virgin birth/God thing IS true, I guess you have to give Mother Mary kudos for going along on that insane ride. I think I would’ve said “Hell Nay!”

Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, but I’ve decided to entertain some morbid thoughts. It’s not an original question: if you could choose your death, how would you die? There’s no consensus among professionals about what would be the most painful demise, but it seems Burning and Drowning are the two that people fear most. So, if you had to choose…

fire OR h2o_02

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