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Fierce OR Nerdy: Now Is The Time To Choose


a new blogumn by slpc

Since the beginning of FaN, Ernessa has been asking me to write a column. I’ve finally found one I can handle on a weekly basis, mostly because it requires YOU to do the work.

Don’t worry. It’s a very simple, self-explanatory social experiment. I’ll ask you to choose between two items, but I won’t be giving you a question. However you interpret the choice is up to you.

For example: below I’ve given you two images representing the words FIERCE and NERDY. You could be voting for the photo you think most accurately represents the word. You could be voting for the character you love most, or the one with whom you most identity. Put as little or as much thought into it as you want.

And feel free to back up your decision in the comments. Results will be discussed in next week’s blogumn.

fierce ORĀ  nerdy

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Thanks for playing.