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Fierce OR Nerdy: Pick Your Poison

a blogumn by slpc

Last week, you chose between Zachery Quinto’s Spock and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Wolfie took the lead right out of the gate, but Spock came out on top with 68% of the votes. Honestly, I was a little surprised — until I saw Star Trek last weekend and was completely won over by Quinto. While he’s supposed to be emotionally vacuous in Trek, he somehow manages to convey more in those two hours than in 50-something episodes as Sylar on Heroes. (Feel free to disagree with me in the comments.)

I thought about letting you choose between the American Idol finalists this week. But, since this is only my second blogumn, I can’t let you think I’m only about the trendy boys (Jackman/Quinto, Glambert/Krisallen).

So, to switch things up:

Swine Flu OR H1N1

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