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Fierce OR Nerdy: Up and Down or Around?

a blogumn by slpc

Last week’s poll between Cupcakes and Brownies was a record turn-out of voters resulting in a tie! I’m very happy about this, because I personally have very equal feelings about a great cupcake and a great brownie. In fact, I’d like to have one of each right now.

I’m currently visiting my hometown, and when I stepped out of the airport into the intense southern heat, I realized it’s the first time I’ve been home during the summer in many, many years. Like many people, the summer of my youth was filled with swimming pools, playgrounds, and amusement parks. This week’s poll is a tribute to nostalgia. Up and Down could mean anything from the see-saw, to the waterslide, or the freefall, while Around is the merry-go-round, the lazy river, or the loop-de-loop coaster. You choose.


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