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Fierce OR Nerdy: Up High or Down Low

a blogumn by slpc

Last week, I asked whether you would take the money and run, or return it and be a decent citizen. Well, RUN won by one vote, and I have to say, I’m kinda proud of you folks out there who are braver than I am. I know myself well enough to say that while I could think of a million ways to spend that money and/or live covertly, I’d probably just give the money back and hope they’d give me a reward. Which of course they wouldn’t. And then I would wish I had run. Oh well.

A couple days ago, after reading A Drug War Truce? in Rolling Stone , I was inspired to have a little legalization debate.

Before you vote, you can listen to what some (obscure) religious leaders have to say on the subject, as well what our President said at a Town Hall back in March, and what the ex-presidents of Mexico, Brazil and Columbia said last month. And here’s a video about a dog who ate a bag of pot — thanks, CNN.

Legalize OR Just Say No

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