Fierce Quote: I’m Outtie 500 Oct20

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Fierce Quote: I’m Outtie 500

Wow. Total bridge-burning good-bye from a hedge fund manager found on Gawker who found it on Portfolio who found it on EatReadPlay. Here’s an excerpt.

“I will no longer manage money for other people or institutions. I have enough of my own wealth to manage. Some people, who think they have arrived at a reasonable estimate of my net worth, might be surprised that I would call it quits with such a small war chest. That is fine; I am content with my rewards. Moreover, I will let others try to amass nine, ten or eleven figure net worths. Meanwhile, their lives suck. Appointments back to back, booked solid for the next three months, they look forward to their two week vacation in January during which they will likely be glued to their Blackberries or other such devices. What is the point? They will all be forgotten in fifty years anyway. Steve Balmer, Steven Cohen, and Larry Ellison will all be forgotten. I do not understand the legacy thing. Nearly everyone will be forgotten. Give up on leaving your mark. Throw the Blackberry away and enjoy life.”

Get the full background (which is pretty awesome) at Gawker.

BT-dubs, I have no idea who Steve Balmer, Steven Cohen and Larry Ellison are. Should I know? Do you know?