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File This Under: Blasphemy!

Now, some might quibble with me when I say that The Last Dragon was pretty much the perfect movie of the ’80s: ridiculous, funny, and infinitely rewatchable. There is basically nothing wrong with the original that a remake could fix in a funny way, which is why my first reaction was “blasphemy!” when I read on Stereohyped that the studio powers that be have decided to give it a 21st century re-do with Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Shonuff.

First of all, Samuel L. Jackson is to old to play Shonuff. Second of all, why must you studios tamper with everything that is good and pure in this world? Third of all, sigh. Just sigh. I might have to stop going to the movies altogether (not really — but this announcement makes me feel hyperbolic).

If you’re not too depressed about this already, you can read the full Stereohyped report here.