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File This Under: Golden Girls

So according to some random UK study, women might actually get nicer as they get older. But it’s based on some rather shady social science:

Apparently researchers asked 100 women in their 40s and 50s to look at photographs of women. According to the Fail, “It found that those who had reached the menopause were more likely to agree that good-looking women were ‘attractive’. In contrast, those who had not yet reached the menopause were more likely to say they disliked the woman in the photograph.” Haha, I mean, duh, we’re all just ready to claw each others’ eyes out in order to guard our men! Unless we no longer have our periods and then we’re just benign old crones waiting to die.


Now there have been studies done with men being shown pictures of much more attractive men and immediately labeling them “gay” as a sort of defense mechanism — which in my opin, is both bitchy and jeally. So I’m not quite sure why these scientists felt the need to “prove” that women got less mean with age.

It’s been my experience that EVERYONE gets nicer with age, which is why your kids with probably like your parents much more than you do.

Even my agoraphobic, extremely difficult, and infamously horrible grandmother is much nicer to me than she ever was to my mother. That’s the cycle of life. And quite frankly, that’s why all of us should actually be looking forward to getting old.


Photo Credit: Robert Wallace