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File This Under: Icky! Icky! Ewwwww!

Gudrun from “Secret Life of a Nerd Girl” is currently stuck in France w/o internet access. Bit of a cowinkydink, I know, given my article earlier this week about not wanting to go anywhere w/o an internet connection. She describes the unexpected wifi disconnect as “quel disatre, but kind of nice”  — anyway, she’ll be back w/ another installment of Nerd Girl in two weeks.

Meanwhile, I want to introduce you to this rather traumatizing Jezebel item:

ballonAn invention filed with the U.S. Patent Office allows pregnant women to partially insert a balloon in the vagina and push it out, in order to practice giving birth. According to the patent, when inflated in the vagina, the balloon tapers conically toward the waist, which “causes the orifice of the birth canal to dilate in a manner similar to that caused by the emerging head of a baby.” Pregnant women can then “exercise by pushing the balloon out of the vagina in preparation for giving birth.” Supposedly repeatedly birthing the balloon will make the real thing easier and less painful…

Oh, no, no, no! I’m finding it hard to believe that they even found enough pregnant women willing to test out this invention in order to apply for a patent. I’m about to take a birthing class myself, but no way would I want to practice with a balloon. The real thing’s going to be icky enough.


[Source: Jezebel via Inventor Spot]