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File This Under: Nerds We Know in Jeopardy!

Here’s something for you to do other than shopping on Black Friday. Friend of FaN, Kyle Holtan from Hangover Sunday, will be on Jeopardy! I know I’m watching, how about you? Here’s a the letter he sent round to like everybody he knows.

Hello my close, personal friends,

It’s Kyle. I know you’ve gone a while without hearing from me, but it feels like it’s time for me to be back on the scene, no?

Toward that end, I decided to appear on Jeopardy!, the show that was doing that annoying exclamation point thing thirty years before Yahoo even made it out of the dorm room. My (first in a series?) episode airs this Friday, November 28. To put that in perspective, that’s the day after Thanksgiving–it’s the perfect day to watch TV.

Now, if you don’t know where and when to watch Jeopardy at the place you will be Friday, they’ve provided this handy lookup site.

In the meantime, you can get warmed up by watching the promos I taped. They’re on this page.

First, if you watch to the end of the “This Week on Jeopardy!” spot, the one that plays first, you’ll see me and my opponents doing some kind of multi-baton salute with our buzzers. (This precision move only took us two takes to get right!)

Second, you can click on my gorgeous mug a little bit down the page to see me send an invitation out to the locals–L.A.’s well-off and always-on-the-go Westsiders–to watch their hometown boy make ‘em proud. You can even download this clip if you need an easy go-to bit for my inevitable Friar’s Club roast.

So that’s what I’ve got right now. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Definitely tell your agent. And wherever you are this Thanksgiving, play along with Kyle. He’s thankful for your friendship.

Now exiting the studio,