Five Kickstarter Campaigns That Aren’t Too Far Away [Friday 5er] May10

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Five Kickstarter Campaigns That Aren’t Too Far Away [Friday 5er]

1. Supermodel Fallen On Hard Times


International Model Adriana Verladelia needs your help! As a widely sought after supermodel she does not get out of bed for less than $5000 a day.

However, with the recent economic downturn and companies cutting back in various ways, Adriana is in desperate need of shampoo, summer-appropriate heels, and food and water for her shih tzu, Foofa.

“I actually haven’t seen Foofa in several days, my housekeeper says she probably escaped through a window but I’m sure she’s just staying in her doggie bed out of loyalty to my cause.”

For just a small contribution, you can help – don’t wait, time is running out!


2. Support Your Favorite Show


Do you love Game of Thrones? Of course you do! Now for the first time ever, HBO is offering fans of the show the opportunity to be involved on a whole new level! With rising production costs, subscriptions and advertising dollars just aren’t cutting it.

If you would like to see everyone’s favorite sexily violent fantasy world continue to grace your televisions, please donate today.

Only a Lannister would not be moved by this predicament. So dig deep, and be a part of television history! [Actual involvement not guaranteed]


3. Help Me Help You.


Hey all, Simon here. You guys know I’m always there to lend a helping hand to my friends in need. I mean, where would I be without you guys?

My talented, ambitious friends mean the world to me. And man, you guys sure have been ambitious as of late. Film projects, music projects, art installations, you name it! Wow.

I’ve been so proud to support all of your Kickstarter campaigns with words and dollars! I really want to continue to show you all how brilliant you are, which is why I started this Kickstarter campaign of my own.

So give whatever you can spare, knowing it will go directly back into your art and inspiration! You all are changing the world!


4. There’s Only So Much Time


My name is Nicholas and I’m on a quest. Things started out well a few years ago when I started filling my Netflix streaming queue, but they rapidly grew to unmanageable proportions.

It’s gotten so bad that even trying to find a title in the endless scroll of names will often leave me in a despondent heap, weeping on the floor.

I’ve tried catching up on weekends and at lunch on my computer at work but it’s like swimming against the tide – a tide of ever increasing blockbusters and basic cable dramas that will drown even the most devout!

My father always told me, “don’t do anything half-assed, you lazy good for nuthin’…,” and building on these wise words I’ve come to the conclusion that the only course of action is to quit my job and devote myself wholeheartedly to attacking this issue.

Never again will I have to nod silently while someone discusses the latest plot twist on Breaking Bad, or feign enthusiasm for the amazing effects in the latest comic book blockbuster adaptation. Any amount is appreciated. Please help me conquer this beast!

5. Startlauncher


Don’t you wish there was somewhere you could turn to help you get the word out properly about great ideas you want to make happen? We all have amazing ideas each and every day that should get funded, but we just haven’t been able to let people know about them!

All this is about to change.

We are Jake Fabian and John Thompson, and we would like to ask for your financial support in starting up a completely new way to get your ideas realized: we call it Startlauncher. I

t’s a revolutionary website that will let you share your ideas with both friends, friends of friends, vague acquaintances and strangers alike, repeatedly and with ease!

Just set up your page, let the world know about it, and see the donations come rolling in! This will change everything people, let’s do this!




1. Image Credit: Jason Christopher Photography
2. Image Credit: Making Game Of Thrones
4. Image Credit: Digital Journal
5. Image Credit: North Central College
6. Featured Image Credit: DUF Initiative