Five Rejected New Reality Shows For The Fall Season [Friday 5er] May17

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Five Rejected New Reality Shows For The Fall Season [Friday 5er]

1. The Pole Package

Live audience vote-in competition to find the best exotic dancer in the country. Ex-Playboy playmate and reality television superstar Kendra Wilkinson, famed dancer turned actor Mikhail Baryshnikov and zany comedic personality Rosie O’Donnell bring multiple viewpoints and a range of show business experience to the judges’ table.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll spend $10 for a Diet Coke!

Image Credit: Pole Fitness Congleton Cheshire


2. A Pole Lotta Love

A concurrently airing spin-off imageof The Pole Package following a former/current contestant’s search for true love. Each “Soul-John” competing to win her heart will either be given a glass platform heel to advance or be bounced to the parking lot by 6’5″ human-tank Bruno.

Tune in for your weekly dose of romance, adventure, and pasties!

Image Credit: Made-In-China


3. Undercover Aristocrat

Eat your heart out imageEliza Doolittle! In this new series, each week an excessively privileged contestant will have to infiltrate a group of “average citizens” or face having to pay student loans.

The bougie who most successfully convinces the commoners of their proletariat status wins their pick of cushy employment from the other contestants’ fathers.

There will be bus riding!

Image & Feature Credit: Jenny Lindh


4. Plaque To Basics

A group of highly successful imagedentists compete to see who can traverse the length of the Mississippi River with only a rowboat, hockey stick and a limitless supply of Jolly Ranchers.

Hosted by Gary Busey’s teeth, this high octane ride is sure to leave you chomping at the bit for more!

Image Credit: Unite and Prosper


5. The Real Housewives Of St. Paul

Just when you thought imagethe drama of The Real Housewives’ franchise couldn’t be topped, they’ve done it again!

The Real Housewives of St. Paul explores the tumultuous daily lives of five Twin Cities’ residents.

Thrill as these reasonable human beings buy groceries, attend PTA meetings, try Zumba and contribute to church bake sales!

Image Credit: CRBC