Five Things I Wish Were Still Around [Friday 5er] Jun07

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Five Things I Wish Were Still Around [Friday 5er]

1. Showbiz Pizza


Screw Chuck E. Cheese! In my youth it was all about Billy Bob the Bear and the kick ass animatronic band *The Rock-afire Explosion convincing my young mind that if you had pizza and game tickets, all was right with the world (and that there was definitely not pee in the ball room).

*Now THAT is a band name. Anyone want to start The New Rock-afire Explosion with me? Coachella, here we come!

Image Credit: Geekologie

2. MTV


I know that this channel technically still exists but I’m talking about actual Music Television. Many more generations have grown up without this societal boon than have but I was one of the lucky ones who looked forward to not only a new album coming out, but a new video as well.

An added bonus was the entire “Unplugged” series, which brought about several classic performances in their own right.

Now I’m all sad and angry.

Image Credit: Simeone’s A2 Media

3. The McDLT


Ah McDonalds. I know the Big Mac tends to be the reigning king of your hamburger empire but I remember fondly those days of yore when you offered up a burger housed in such a unique way I’ve never seen it replicated. What a rarity in the fast food wars.

The McDLT ingeniusly came with the hot elements on one side of a Styrofoam container, while the cold elements chilled out on the other side, just waiting to be joined in delicious union.

This was a really smart idea but apparently most of their patrons preferred hot tomatoes and wilted lettuce for their lunch purchases.

Silly people.

Image Credit: Fanpop

4. Colecovision

My first gaming console and still the closest to my heart.

I remember playing The Smurfs (and marveling at the fact that when you walked in Gargamel’s castle it sounded suspiciously like passing gas. Just me?), Q-Bert, and Donkey Kong on my parent’s bed and knowing that in fact, the future was NOW.

This system looks so lovably rinky-dink in this day and age but to a kid in the 80s, it couldn’t be beat.

Image Credit: Video Game Gazette

5. Firefly

imageThere are no jokes to be made here, nor any explanation needed.

It had to be said.

Now if you need me, you can find me weeping in a pile on the floor for the rest of the day.