Five Things on My Mind [Wow! It’s Wednesday!] Jun29

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Five Things on My Mind [Wow! It’s Wednesday!]

Okay, before I go into my post, I’ve got to remind you to enter our 32 CANDLES paperback giveaway if you want one of the (very) limited edition 32 CANDLES tote bags and a $25 customized 32 CANDLES gift card. We’re giving away goodies until July 15th, so get on it.

Other than that, I’m all over the interwebs right now, so if you’ve missed me actually, you know, blogging, then check out the below:

1. Writers often ask published authors (including me) for advice about getting published, how to get an agent, blah-blah-blah. There’s so much information out there about all of these topics that I’m not even going to bore you with the same advice all the other authors are doling out. No, for this post I’m going to keep it real with a seriously on the realz list of The Five Things I Wish I Had Done or Known BEFORE I Got Published [Script Shark]

2. Over at Carleen Brice’s blog, I’m talking about what I plan to read on my upcoming summer vacation. See who made the list and chime in with your beach reading suggestions. [White Readers Meet Black Authors]

3. I’m attending a few out of town events this summer for the paperback release of 32 CANDLES (in stores now, so please jump on it). However, I also have a two-year-old daughter. A lot of moms worry about missing important milestones when they’re out of town. How about if she says her first three-syllable word or reveals a prodigious talent for the violin when I’m not looking? But not me. I don’t worry about milestones, I don’t worry about my daughter missing me for the days I’m away — I just worry about her hair. More specifically will her hair look a hot mess while I’m gone? [Curly Nikki]

4. I don’t think all writers are crazy, but I do have a word for those who aren’t: boring. I don’t want to tie down my crazy with labels, but I will say it’s pretty general, a constant companion if you will. [Q&A over at (the wonderful) Julie Buxbaum’s blog]

5. The real reason I no longer read Arthur Miller plays: At this point, no one’s surprised by anything on my shelf. I’m known for reading everything from mass market romance to the really literary to plays. People are usually surprised by what’s not on my shelf. After getting out of grad school, I decided not to read anything else by anyone who was dead. Staying that thoroughly contemporary has been a controversial decision. I’ve only broken the rule once for FLATLAND by Edwin A. Abbot. [Brown Girl Book Speak]