F&N Podcast Episode 001 – Ernessa Carter May28

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F&N Podcast Episode 001 – Ernessa Carter

imageUnfortunately we chose unwisely and picked The Hangover 3 to discuss on our maiden voyage of the Fierce & Nerdy podcast. Our apologies. Seriously, what a steaming pile of disinterested check-cashing that movie turned out to be.

I didn’t get a chance to see 32 Fast 62 Furious (unlike apparently everyone) but I imagine it didn’t hate its audience. Or at the very least, its audience’s pets.

imageOn the plus side, we invited author/blogger extraordinaire Ernessa Carter to be our first guest. She was kind enough to sit down and go over everything from the aforementioned depression of The Hangover 3, to the wonderful indie brilliance of Before Midnight, to the surprisingly relevant new David Bowie release The Next Day, to Daft Punk’s disco/dance record of the summer Random Access Memories.

Fans of the eloquent Ms. Carter’s first book 32 Candles [purchase here from Amazon] should appreciate her dropping the dirt (scoop?) on her upcoming second novel, The Awesome Girl’s Guide To Dating Extraordinary Men – due out in September.

Listen below:

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On the first ever Pub Trivia 10 Quiz, Ernessa scored a shameful 6 of 10. Can you do better? Probably.

The Hangover 3 video review:

Before Midnight video review:

Bowie/Oldman 2016 HERE.