F&N Podcast Episode 002 – Eric Sims Jun04

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F&N Podcast Episode 002 – Eric Sims

You want the Sims? You drive the Sims!

imageWe transported the Mayor of Culver City to the exceptionally warm confines of North Hollywood to find out just what makes your favorite lovable malcontent tick.

[Hint - Jameson Irish Whiskey]

Eric was kind enough to wax curmudgeonly over his favorite California Seething moments, his experience as a speaker at the Rotary Club, why Murder She Wrote is better than you think and how he was bamboozled by someone claiming to be Gore Vidal.


As if that wasn’t enough, we delve into the enigmatic debacle of After Earth, the hubris of M. Night Shyamalan, Vampire Weekend’s newest album Modern Vampires of the City and why grown men find fart jokes about The Last Airbender endlessly amusing.


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Pub Trivia 10 Score – 7/10.

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A major thank you to Ms. Dana Martin for recording our introduction.