F&N Podcast Episode 007 – Blayne Alexander Jul08

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F&N Podcast Episode 007 – Blayne Alexander


Sir Thomas of Stillwagon and I switched vacation weeks so this episode is regretfully Tom-less. Please send hate mail c/o The US Postal Service.

Fellow cinephile and lead singer of the industrial rock band Idiot Stare Blayne Alexander was gracious enough to sit down and go through our “Best Of” and “Worst Of” the year so far.

Neither he nor I could muster enough self-loathing to sit through The Lone Ranger but feel free to assume its place on one of our lists – your call which.

Along with dissecting 2013′s film offerings, I grill him on his time in the music business, what’s different since he started, what’s the same, where does one start in today’s landscape, etc.

Blayne also regaled me with the story of how he almost wrote the fourth Alien movie until a villain known only as The Whedon swooped in at the last minute to crush his dreams. Damn you Joss! Damn you!!!!!!

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