Future So Bright: Saying Goodbye to E.R. Mar13

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Future So Bright: Saying Goodbye to E.R.


a blogumn by Josh Grelle

er-original-cast I feel like I’m going to lose a friend, a good friend….E.R. I don’t know how long I have been watching E.R., but I do know it has been for a very long time. My mom has been watching it since shortly after I was born. E.R. has always been faithful to us; always there on Thursday night, no matter what was happening, it was always there. Although perhaps it’s better that the show dies with its creator Michael Crichton, may he rest in peace.

E.R. has been on for 15 seasons, which makes it the second longest running drama on NBC. E.R. always promised great writing, great characters, and great action. It also served as a launch pad for many careers — most notably George Clooney’s. And it has had many guest stars from Forest Whitaker to Zac Efron.

One thing I really admire about E.R. is that all but one episode ( the very first, E. R.), has always been on Thursday night at 10:00pm/9:00pm central. I really can’t stand it when TV shows change days . When they are on one day one season and then the next season it’s on a different day. I do like that they brought back Noah Wyle’s character Dr. John Carter this season. However, I was super duper upset when Dr. Pratt was killed and Abbey and Luka left. I would have liked for them to have stayed until the end.

There is supposedly a new show in the works from the creators of E.R., but I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch. It would feel like I’m betraying E.R. It will be like a stranger in the room, it just feels awkward. So this is for you E.R., for all your years of brilliance,

I salute you!!!