Get it Done! [Bloggin' on the ETC]

So here’s something I haven’t done since the last time I was pregnant: typed out a blog entry on my phone.

After two hospital visits with contractions and two ultrasounds confirming that my cervix shortens terribly whenever any pressure is applied, I was put on strict bed rest, which means I’m only able to lay down unless I have to use the bathroom or take my allotted daily 5-minute shower. I was not happy about this news on Monday. By Tuesday I was despondent.

Not being able to write, take care of my daughter, or get out of bed when my bladder isn’t full makes me feel useless and beyond pathetic. Also, it’s boring as all get out. As much as I used to love marathoning TV programs and reading, now it makes me feel like a sad shut in.

But last night I was hit with an epiphany: maybe this was my 2013 Theme presentation. What’s a theme presentation?

Well, I always try to abide by a certain theme every year whether it be “If You’re Scared, Do It Anyway” (2010) or “Sowing the Seeds” (2012). I had been looking forward to 2013 as a harvest year — two babies and two books, but last night it occurred to me that with so many changes afoot maybe I should adopt a new theme, namely “Get it Done!”

Seed years are great, because you put a lot of stuff into the universe and you get a lot of stuff back. Also, you get in the habit of sowing, you figure ish out like your writing schedule and your mommy schedule, and maybe even a social schedule if you’re lucky.

However, the universe doesn’t mistake finally getting comfortable for growth and at least 99.9% of the time it will throw obstacles in your way.

At first this almost always feels like a big eff you, but really it’s just a challenge. Like telling an Olympic athlete she’s good but there’s still a record to break and her house just burned down, so she’s going to have to move in with her mom who lives 2 hours away from the practice facility until insurance, which is contesting the claim, comes through with a check. Does the athlete stop training at this point? Of course not, she gets it done.

And I watched the Olympics like a mofo this summer, so I’m figuring it out. I ordered a laid back laptop desk. I figured out how to blog from my phone again. I’m ordering presents and doing research and keeping my spirits up–and man, do I feel better!

So “Get it Done” will be my theme for 2013. What’s yours going to be? Let me know in the comments

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