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Give Your Geeks This: Yes We Did


A blogumn by CH

Hi Everyone,

I know that I normally give you all ideas of things to buy for your favorite geek. Today for something different and because I’m in the holiday spirit I want to give something to you.

We have 30 of Shepard Fairey’s Yes We Did stickers.

If you want one please join Intense Debate below I need you to be a Intense Debate member so I can send you a private message if you win. and leave a comment telling us your predictions for Obama’s first year in office. Both positive and negative comments invited.

I will pick 30 people at random to send the sticker.

Also for one lucky commenter I have a copy of the New York Times from the day after the election.

Please leave your comments by December 31st. I will send the stickers and paper out on the second of January.

Happy Holidays!