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Guess the Random Lyric

Yesterday’s correct guess honors goes to Amy H from Milwaukee.

Okay, I’m throwing a bit of a softball today, so this is basically a race to see who reads this post first. Tomorrow’s Guess The Lyric, though, will be totally hard, unless you’re totally, TOTALLY awesome — and by “awesome,” I mean that you have the exact same musical taste as I.

So today, without further ado, perhaps the greatest rap lyric of all time is…

If you think you can outrhyme me
Yeah, boy, I bet
Cuz I ain’t met a motherf–ker who can do that yet

Guesses in the comments section. And MIA’s bra-frickin-zilliant video for Tuesday’s “Guess The Random Lyric” song, Boyz, after the jump. SUPER SERIOUS WARNING — the urge to dance along to this video is almost overwhelming, and it’s impossible not to at least bounce up and down in your seat — so if you’re in a cubicle or open-plan situation, you might want to wait until you get home if you’re easily embarrassed :