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Guess the Random Lyric: Us=2 ETC=2

Kudos to Keldoo for at least guessing the correct artist yesterday — Mary J. Blige. And she came SO close to getting the title, “Be Without You.” I would have totally given her the full point, but of course ETC had to chime in and say we had to split it. Ernessa, don’t you have a baby to be feeding? At least we still have a chance to break the tie. And today’s lyric is a good one…

From Ernessa: On to 70’s and 80’s Friday. This is one of the very first songs by a white group that I can remember loving and dancing to as a kid. Sadly, they would only be a 2-hit wonder, though funnily enough, the next hit didn’t come until the 90s.

Don’t leave your destiny to chance
What are you waiting for?

Guesses in the comments, and MJB and Terrence Howard after the jump.: