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Guess The Random Lyric: You-4: Me-0

Damn you, Zacki from Tall Glass of Shame, damn you to Cleveland.

Unfortunately, having lived in Seattle for quite some time, Zacki just happens to be acquainted with the early work of Sir Mix A Lot and guessed that yesterday’s lyrics were from “My Posse’s On Broadway.” He even offered this little bit of back history in the comments:

And that college he was referring to, is Seattle Central Community College on Broadway in Seattle. Used to live mere blocks away in Seattleā€™s own Gay Ghetto, and would think of that lyric every time I passed it on the bus.

Whatever. So annoyed that you guys are completely creaming me this week. But let’s see how you do today.

As promised, I’m closing out the week with another darkhorse confession. It is my personal belief that everybody loves this song, but won’t admit it. Here’s the teaser lyric:

I can make the runner stumble
I can make the final block
And I can make every tackle at the sound of the whistle
And I can make all the stadiums rock

You know you know it. You know you love it. Just admit that you do and leave your guesses in the comments. See you next Monday for the answer. And I’ve got Six Mix-A-Lot for you after the jump. “Sorry, Gentlemen, we don’t play rap music here. We only play real music”: