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Guess the Random Lyric: Final Score: You – 2 1/2; Me – 2 1/2

Wait, what? Do we seriously have a tie on our hands the week I’m out on maternity leave??? Well lucky for you, I’ve already banked a week’s worth of GTRL. Unlucky for you, this mean you won’t have your superstar guesser, slpc from “Fierce OR Nerdy,” to help you guess this week, b/c she’s our very special guest editor while I’m out. So you guys will really have to step up if you don’t want me to beat you handily.

That all challenged, let’s move on to Classic Monday.

The singer of this song is actually the daughter of another singer who has been featured as a GTRL Classic Monday artist. This also happens to be one of my favorite songs like ever. And it never fails to put me in a good mood.

Loving you is some kind of wonderful
Because you show me just how much you care

Guesses in the comments and Depeche Mode live in Milan after the jump: