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Guess the Random Lyric: Final Score: Me-3; You-2

Well you guys managed not to get fully massacred last week. Jill M from Pennsylvania guessed that Friday’s artist was the Violent Femmes and Zacki from “Tall Glass of Shame” guessed that the song title was “Kiss Off.”

Here’s me predicting another win for myself this week. But let’s do this.

Which singer’s first album did gangbusters over here — but then she never hit our Top 40 again. However, she’s still fairly popular in her home country and even married and divorced the even more popular lead singer from a band that was supposed to be their country’s answer to grunge. Convoluted enough for you. Half a point extra if you can guess her ex-hubby’s name.

My Lullaby, hung out to dry
What’s up with that? It’s over

Guesses in the comments. And Violent Femmes live after the jump. Truth be told, I have never actually seen this band before this, and they didn’t look anything like I thought they would. Go figure.