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Guess the Random Lyric: Final Score: You-4; Me-1

Ugh, our 90s theme week ended in a total stomping. Gudrun from “Secret Life of a Nerd Girl” took advantage of the holiday and guessed on Monday that Friday’s lyric was from “Common People” by Pulp. So basically, you guys suck and beat me 4 to 1, but don’t get too happy — that shite ends like today, cuz I’m coming at you hard this week.

First up, Indie Tuesday. This song is from the 80s, but they still seem to play it on LA radio like every day. Seriously, I’m pretty sure one of our LA readers will get this, b/c I never, ever heard of it before coming out here. Who sang…

When I was young I learned a game,
Where love and happiness were the same

Guesses in the comments, and one of the best videos of the 90s to accompany the best song of the 90s (in Gudrun’s and my opin) after the jump: