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Guess the Random Lyric: Final Score: You-5; Me-1/2

Sniff. Well, Sallie from California guessed correctly that last Friday’s lyric was from “Steam” by Peter Gabriel, which means you guys pretty much beat me pretty terribly for our Solo Artist theme week. This pretty much happens every time I have a theme week, which makes me want to spit. But I’ve decided to try again, b/c I think I might be able to keep you from going all bionic with this week’s theme:

In honor of the current legal battle to Overturn Prop H8 that’s being waged here in California, I’ve decided to feature all acts that are either LGBT or have a LGBT member in their ranks.

That all explained, who sang:

You talk good,
I’ll eat glass.
I heard you read my mind behind my back.

Guesses in the comments, and a very fun video from Peter Gabriel after the jump. I can’t believe this video was made in 1992. It feels like I was dancing in my room to this “cutting edge” vid yesterday. It should also be noted that the baby that they shake out of the tree at the end is like 17 now. He’s probably waiting to hear back from colleges as I write this. How old does that make us feel?