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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-1 1/2: You-1/2

Soooo Zacki from Tall Glass of Shame guessed correctly that yesterday’s GTRL was sung by Bright Eyes but did not have a title (Take it Easy [Love Nothing]) to go with it.

Sad (for you).

But today is the day that you guys might be able to turn it around. Let’s see.

Okay, this guy is English. From England-England, not Scotland or Wales — I know that was a point of contention with the Tom Jones clue. And I am just dying for his second album as his first was front to back good. That all gushed. Who sang…

If anything should happen, I guess I wish you well
A little bit of heaven, but a little bit of hell

Sorry, about all the sad break-up songs this week, but you know how I love them. Guesses in the comments. And hopefully we’ll be able to talk about how you got more than half a point tomorrow. Oh, and Bright Eyes live after the break: