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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-1; You-2

Oh-ho-ho! None of you knew off the top of your heads that yesterday’s lyric was from “Have a Heart” by Bonnie Raitt, who I to this day just love to death, so that means that I get my first point of the week. These 5 days just might go my way yet.

But let’s see if I can tie it up today. This song was insanely popular while I was abroad in Japan, but I have no idea how it did over here — though I do remember seeing a profile of this artist in an Essence brought back for me from the States by an Australian friend who got hassled in Boston for buying an Essence (long story), so she was at least on the radar — even if she did turn out to be a one-hit wonder. Who sang…

(When I’m alone at night)
It’s you I’m always thinkin’ of

Guesses in the comments, and the lovely Ms. Bonnie Raitt after the jump. Funny, I had forgotten that this song, like a few of her biggest hits, was used for a movie — for our younger readers, songs and their videos were often used to schill movies back in the 80s and 90s. One of these weeks, I’ll do a theme based around videos that were released in association with movies. Anyway, here’s Bonnie Raitt, lending her considerable talent to a horrible movie, called Heart Condition, which I only know was horrible, b/c Denzel Washington was in it, and to this day, I still have a Palovian need to watch anything with Denzel Washington in it — even if it looks really bad.