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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-1; You-2

Yea! Yea! Yea! No one guessed that yesterday’s lyric was from “You Could Make A Killing” by Aimee Mann from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, so now I’ve got a point. And today is your worst subject, Black Artist Thursday, so there’s a good chance I’m about to tie this up.

I’m not a drug dealer and I would never wish to be one. But if I did pick that particular career path, this would be my theme song:

N—-s wanna bring the 80s back
It’s OK with me, that’s where they made me at
Except I don’t write on the wall
I write my name in the history books, hustling in the hall (hustling in the hall)

Guesses in the comments, and Aimee Mann live after the break. I love Aimee, but there is something so wooden and expressionless about all of her live performances, that I’m a little surprised that she’s managed to maintain such a loyal road following. But maybe that’s just me.