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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-2 1/2: You-1/2

This is turning out to be a fantastic week (for me), b/c none of you guessed that yesterday’s lyric was from “Happy Ending” by Mika. I’m getting the feeling that you’re just not as attracted to bitter love songs as I am, which is sad, b/c they’re the best.

Anyway, that all said, let’s see if you know this week’s hip-hop lyric. Growing up rather cloistered from crime and gang activity in Missouri during the early 90’s, I had no idea was these lyrics meant, but I adored this track — especially this line:

Give me that beat fool, it’s a full time jack move
Chilly Chill, yo homie mack the track move
And I’ll jack any Tom, Dick and Hank
That’s the name of the SUCKERS I done ganked

Guesses in the comments, and the amazing video of Mika’s “Happy Ending” after the jump. It’ll make you both happy and sad at the same time. Guaranteed!