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Guess The Random Lyric: Me-2: You-1

OMG, guys!!! I know we were having server issues yesterday — thanks to her biggest traffic day ever. But really? You didn’t recognize “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush while the site was up? Shame! Shame upon your very souls. Not sure if you’ll ever be able to redeem yourselves.

But maybe you can tie the score. What pro-woman gentleman claimed the following:


Who set the city on fire as soon as he got freed
Da king back now hoes don't even know how to act now
Hit the club strippers give neck 'fore I sit down

Suzy S, I’m going to have to ask you to abstain from guessing, since the above has a super-brief history as a Tough Cookies skate-out song.

Guesses in the comments and we’ll talk about the answer tomorrow. Til then here’s the awesome, awesome video for “Cloudbusting.” Plus an old MTV interview with a pre-complete-recluse-Kate-Bush about the making of the vid w/ Donald Sutherland and another interview about here music in general.