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Guess the Random Lyric: Me 3 – You 0

In keeping in line with this never-ending election season, the stump goes on. No one guessed yesterday’s lyric correctly, even though according to this post on Stuff White People Like, white people are in love with Mos Def. I’m a little sad that the many white people that read this blog didn’t live up to the stereotype, but that’s about to change, because the mind-blowing “Umi Says” by Mos Def is after the jump, and you will all love it.

Let’s see, today’s song is t a mainstay on my (rarely used these days) gym mix. But do you know who sang:

Cry at night
No one in sight
An’ we got so much to share
Talking’s fine
If you got the time
But I ain’t got the time to spare

Guesses in the comments. And I’ll see you tomorrow for the breakdown. Til then, here’s Mos Def after the jump: