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Guess the Random Lyric: Me=1 1/2; You = 3 1/2

You guys have really got to start appreciating Ms. Stevie Nicks more, b/c none of you guessed that Friday’s lyric was from her song, “Stand Back.” For shame! And even worse, the point came too late for me to win.

It should be noted that GTRL is going on holiday hiatus starting next Monday, so this is your last challenge of not only the year, but also the decade, so let’s make this count with our Holiday Song Challenge!

First up, Showtune Monday. Not sure if this musical was ever on Broadway, but I try to watch it every holiday if I can, and this is my favorite song from it, even though it has nothing to do with Christmas. I’ll take the song and the two male leads OR the song and the composer for the point.

Those who've
Seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us

Guesses in the comments, and the Fleetwood Mac Live after the jump. Re: her hair. Wow!