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Guess the Random Lyric: Me=1; You=0

I was so surprised that no one guessed yesterday’s lyric was from “The Boat That I Row” by Neil Diamond that I went and checked our stats b/f writing this post. But no our numbers were good yesterday (especially for summer, thanks!), so it must just be that I lot of people don’t have their Neil Diamond standards memorized like they should, which makes me sad. But then I realized that I got yesterday’s point and that made me unsad, so thanks again.

In fact, let’s see if I can stump you again with Random Tuesday. Now this next artist falls under a category that I like to call “Excellent Cheese” — that is her music is disrespected by critics and music tastemakers the world over, but she still holds a special (if sometimes hidden) place in many a music lover’s collection. Who sang…

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
if the night keeps
all your heart

Fess up to knowing and loving this artist in the comments, por favor. And check out Lulu’s cover of Neil Diamond’s “The Boat That I Row” after the jump, just b/c as long as we’re talking about women that fall under the category of “Excellent Cheese,” we might as well throw up some Lulu.