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Guess the Random Lyric: Me=2; You=2

Okay, I skipped out on Friday’s GTRL, so we have some catching up to do. Just a reminder, last week had a unifying theme, but the gag was that I didn’t tell you what it was, and if you guess it you’ll get an extra half point.

You didn’t guess that Thursday’s lyric was from “Number One” by Nelly. So I got that point, and we’re tied 2 to 2.

So here’s all of the artists from last week:

Monday = Chuck Berry
Tuesday = Sheryl Crow
Wednesday = Tina Turner
Thursday = Nelly

I have a big ole soft spot for all of these artists for a particular reason. Can you guess what it is for an extra half point? Since we didn’t have a Friday GTRL, the winner will be decided by your ability to guess last week’s theme. I’d say good luck, but you know I don’t want you to win.

And now for today’s Classic Monday GTRL, which is not part of any kind of theme. BUT I have decided to just go ahead and change Classic Monday to Showtune Monday, b/c let’s face it, the one thing all Fierce Nerds have in common is a love of show tunes.

Our inaugural Showtune Monday is CH’s favorite song from his favorite musical:

Bus’ness needs a lift,
Debts to be erased…
Think of it as thrift

Guesses in the comments and Nelly talkin’ trash while Aerosmith’s Joe Perry on guitar after the jump: