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Guess The Random Lyric: Today is Monday, Sept. 29th

Wow, I don’t mind stumping you guys. Actually it feels me up with pride to stump such clever people. But I do feel sad right now, because I suspect many of you either did not see or do not remember when Dawn and Tim finally kissed on the English version of The Office, even though it was one of the most romantic TV moments of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Either way, I’ve posted the video of this with “Only You” by Yaz playing in the background after the jump.

Today, in honor of the writer’s conference I attended over the weekend, I’ve got another song that pops up in my novel.

What promising band broke onto the scene in the early oughts, was declared the saviors of music as we know it with their first super-awesome, kick-ass album, only to follow it up with two uninspiring duds? Here’s the lyric:

So I, I turned ’round:
“Oh baby, don’t care no more,
I know this for sure,
I’m walkin’ out that door”

Answers in the comments and Tim and Dawn FINALLY getting together after the jump: