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Guess the Random Lyric: You-1 1/2; Me-1/2

Well Zacki from “Tall Glass of Shame” inadvertently managed to guess that yesterday’s lyric was by Junior Senior. But he didn’t get the song title, which was “Good Girl, Bad Boy.” I suppose half a point for me will have to do. For now.

I’m thinking of making Wednesdays all about the soundtracks just b/c that’s been the way Wednesdays have been going lately. This next song is basically the best movie title song of all time. Period. However, the singer is totally obscure. So instead of his name, I’m asking for the song title — which is also the movie title and the name of the movie’s main character.

Like the seasons, love will come and go
If it’s right, you’ll automatically know.

Guesses in the comments, and Junior Senior being cooler and way more ironic than you after the jump: