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Guess the Random Lyric: You-2; Me-0

Now, I think I’ve told you that I’m not a fan of teamwork — especially when it comes to GTRL. So how annoyed and I that slpc from “Fierce OR Nerdy” and Zacki from “Tall Glass of Shame” conspired together to guess correctly that yesterday’s lyric was from “Connected” by Stereo MC’s. Grumble, grumble….

Moving on, though to Soundtrack Wednesday. Today we’ve got a song from a movie that (it was  announced just last week) is about to get remade. Funnily enough, the movie title is based on another song’s title, but that title-song is not today’s GTRL. And just in case that’s not confusing enough, the act that sang the below song is so obscure that I’m going to have to accept the title of the song and the names of the two actresses that played the best friend leads in the original. They both went on to star in major TV series.

Countdown Its getting near to the flight time
Night stars are shining in my eyes
Ma says I’m gonna be the first one
To dance the be-bop in the skies

Guesses in the comments and Stereo MC’s getting you “Connected” after the jump: