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Guess the Random Lyric: You-3: Me-1

Wow. I’m getting stomped. Zacki from Tall Glass of Shame guessed correctly that yesterday’s lyric was the title song from The Color Purple, which I saw right around this time last year when it came out to Los Angeles with CH. Then saw AGAIN on its closing weeked a few months later with Stephanie from The Sauda Voice. This is the first play I’ve ever (happily) saw twice and if you ever have a chance, I highly recommend it.

Also, if any our Angeleno readers have any play recommendations, please let us know. ‘Tis the season that CH and I usually try to support the arts.

But onto today’s lyric. Sadly, I had no idead that this lyric was actually from a musical until CH told me:

I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

Guesses in the comments. Unfortunately, I’m having a little trouble tracking down an online version of “The Color Purple,” but CH is working on it, and we’ll post the song, at the very least, later in the day.