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Guess the Random Lyric: You-3; Me-3

So Josh G from “Future So Bright” guessed correctly that yesterday’s song was “Staring at the Sun,” but he didn’t get the band name — he thought it was Snow Patrol, when it was actually my much beloved TV on the Radio. What’s even more upsetting than the fact that we’re (STILL) tied is that both Spin and Entertainment Weekly agree with me about their last album Dear Science being the best one of 2008.

Ah well, let’s see if you can comeback from disgrace today.

Which long-haired songstress with a B-List (going on C-List) actor ex-boyfriend sang the following:

I might want to marry you one day
If you watch that weight and keep your firm body

Guesses in the comments and TV on the Radio accompanied by a ton of video effects after the jump: