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Guess the Random Lyric: You-4 1/2; Me-3 1/2

How annoying. Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd” guessed that yesterday’s lyric was from “Absolute Beginners” by Davie Bowie, which ends a 3-week strong Soundtrack Wednesday stump on your part. I’m sad for the point and the end of an era alike.

But Black Artist Thursday isn’t exactly your strong suit, so let’s see if you get today’s lyric.

I’ve featured some cheesy songs on here, and this one definitely belongs in the Top Twenty of that category. Still, I’ll defend the easy-listening loveliness of this piece to the death. Okay maybe not to the death, but the point is, who sang…

I turn around in the still of the room
Knowing this is when I’m gonna make my move

Guesses in the comments and David Bowie and one of those 80s-staple big-haired “wild girls” in black and white after the jump:

Absolute Beginners – David Bowie