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Guess the Random Lyric: You=2 1/2; Me=2 1/2

So keldoo from “Fierce in Seattle” guessed correctly that Friday’s lyric was from “Blinded by the Light” by Manfred Mann. And that means that we ended the week on a tie, which means that we’ll need to go into Double Jeopardy this week. Yes, yes, I know that we’re all hoping that I win.

That all explained, let’s get into Classic Monday. This next one is a lovely standard, which always makes me feel instantly mellow. It’s been covered by just about everyone, so I’ll take whichever singer, as long as you spell the title correctly (a little harder than you think).

When she walks, shes like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle

Guesses in the comments, and Manfred Mann live on the Midnight Special after the jump. BTW, according to Friend of FaN, Jenny, it’s “revved up like a deuce” — not “wrapped up like a douche.” Yeah, I know, I totally thought it was the latter, too, growing up.