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Guess the Random Lyric: Your Perfect Week

Well, you guys must be a bunch of woman-singer-lovin folks, b/c thanks to Baby Smiling from “Baby Smiling in Back Seat” guessing correctly that Friday’s lyric was from “Different Drum” by Linda Ronstadt, you guys (really gals, b/c it was an all-woman mow down) managed to pull off a perfect week with a final score of You=5;Me=0.

There won’t be a repeat of that this week. In fact, I decided that since you did so well with our Women’s History Month Challenge that I should use this week to highlight Misogynist Songs That We Love Anyway. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

First up Showtune Monday.

Now this little is actually the least misogynist song of the week, but it does objectify women in a rather meta way as well as impose a few “nice girl” standards — of which I’ve never been a fan. I’m look for the guy that sang this song in the movie (badly):

So let’s keep the party politeĀ 
Never get out of my sight

Guesses in the comments and Linda Ronstadt dumps a guy with some really awesome lyrics (which were actually penned by Michael Nesmith from the Monkees!).