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Guess the Random Lyrics: FINAL SCORE: You=5; Me=0

I almost thought about not talking to you guys anymore after you so thoroughly creamed me last week after Jennifer guessed that Friday’s lyric was from “Father Figure” by George Michael. But then I realized that it would be really hard to run FaN w/o talking to you, so I guess I’ll just move on to today’s standard Monday.

There is only one blond 60s torch singer that I will love to end of time, and she sang this little ditty, which was originally offered to Aretha Franklin, but she turned it down. Oh, Aretha!

being good wasn’t always easy
no matter how hard I tried

Guesses in the comments and George Michael actually makes models seem passionate and dramatic (as opposed to vapid and starving) in this black and white video. If only America’s Next Top Model hadn’t come along to prove him so very, very wrong.