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Guess The Random Song Lyric: Tuesday

So yesterday we received two guesses: Josh from Texas guessed correctly, and Kyle from Frank’s Wild Lunch guessed incorrectly.

Now we can do better than that.

Listen, how sick and tired do we get of always being adults, and only taking a swing at things if we know we’ll hit it? Perhaps we’ve forgotten that just swinging the bat is fun and a great arms workout. So even if you don’t know, take a guess today, just for the heckuva it.

Anyway, that all said, which former artist turned music star asked this:

How many no money boyz are crazy
How many boyz are raw
How many no money boyz are rowdy
How many start a war?

Make your guesses in the comments section and enjoy the “Tear You Apart” video from Monday’s Guess The Random Song Lyric Artist, She Wants Revenge after the jump